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Free Australia-wide shipping for orders over $150

Frequently asked questions

How is this different from other fibres I might buy from the supermarket?

Supergut is a combination of fibres designed specifically to feed the beneficial microbes in your gut. The fibres are highly refined with a neutral taste and can be easily combined into everyday cooking to add back the fibre that is missing from our diet

How did you come up with the formulation?

The formula is based on the documented nutritional benefits of the individual fibres. The blend has been created to be easily tolerated by all genders and age-groups however is not recommended for pregnant women or children below 5 years of age.

What part of the plant does the fibre come from?

The fibres are mechanically extracted from the plants as part of a direct process or as a by-product of other food manufacturing processes such as juicing. There are no chemicals involved in the fibre separation.

Where are the fibres sourced from?

The fibres come from all over the world. While we would prefer to source locally manufactured ingredients they either are not available, or would be prohibitively expensive.

Will I react to the fibre if I have an intolerance for the source (i.e. apples)?

There is no gluten, fructose, lactose or soy in our fibre blend. Please however only take the product under the supervision of a medical professional if you have an intolerance for certain foods.