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Free Australia-wide shipping for orders over $150

Gut health starts here.

Gut health matters. It’s trendy. But, what does it actually mean?

Proper bowel function? Calm but responsive immunne system? Integrity of gut lining?

It means all of these things. And all of these things depend on your gut bacteria. They produce the vitamins and nutrients needed to keep your gut healthy. To receive a benefit from your gut bacteria you have to feed them.

Feed them with these:

What is Supergut™ Everyday Fibre?

Supergut™ Everyday Fibre is a plant-based fibre supplement you can take every day. It works by nourishing the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut and can provide a health benefit.

•  Normalises disrupted bowel function over time

•  Soluble and prebiotic fibre blend promotes beneficial bacteria in the gut

•  100% natural blend of six extracted plant fibre sources

•  Lactose free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan

What is Supergut™ Repair?

Your gut can produce a wide range of beneficial nutrients to help you stay healthy. It’s like you have a pharmacy sitting right below your belly button.

Of particular benefit is a nutrient called butyrate. It fuels the gut lining so it can regenerate properly. It calms the immune system. It fights inflammation in your body (including the brain), and it promotes serotonin production to make you feel and sleep better. It’s amazing.

And you can help to make it with Supergut™ Repair.

Supergut™ Repair combines the plant fibres that are known to promote butyrate production in your gut.

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The nuvoFIBR team have used their experience to create Supergut™ Everyday Fibre and Supergut™ Repair as a simple, dietary ingredient designed to promote beneficial gut bacterial abundance and diversity.

Fibre Matters.

There are several types of fibre that are essential to our health. Insoluble fibre promotes bowel health, and soluble fibre supports the beneficial bacteria that live in our gut.

Both are important, but it’s the bacteria-feeding soluble fibre that needs the most attention. Significant and credible connections are being made between a lack of beneficial bacteria and a number of chronic health conditions.

If we can support our beneficial bacteria, we can be healthier for longer.