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Free Australia-wide shipping for orders over $150

Let’s talk about gut bacteria.

We are covered in bacteria both inside and outside. These bacteria perform an essential function in helping to keep our bodies working properly.

This is especially true of our gut bacteria. The right bacteria in our gut promotes healthy immune function and help the gut repair itself, among a long list of other benefits.

To build and maintain an abundance of beneficial gut bacteria you have to feed them.

Feed them with this:
Supergut™ Everyday Fibre.

What is Supergut™ Everyday Fibre?

•  Soluble prebiotic plant fibre promotes beneficial gut bacteria abundance.

•  Developed by a Melbourne-based gastroenterologist who specialises in gut microbiome replenishment.

•  100% natural food product blending six refined soluble plant fibres.

•  Lactose free, gluten-free, nut-free, vegan.

•  Helps to reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal distress within 3 weeks.

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  • Thank you Supergut!
    • As someone who has suffered from gastrointestinal issues for nearly 2 decades, Supergut has been a fantastic addition to my daily health regime.
      Sarah, 52
  • A necessary part of my day
    • My bowel movements have become more regular and normal, much less wind and aroma. And, very important to me, my sleep has definitely improved. I think it has become a necessary part of my day!
      Aubrey, 78
  • Pleasantly surprised and delighted
    • Thanks to Supergut I rarely feel bloated now, I’m able to fall into a deep sleep and wake up feeling really rested, my energy level is higher than it’s ever been and I feel more alert and upbeat throughout the day.
      Mizz, 39
  • Really helped
    • After using Nuvofibr Supergut product for 3 weeks, I noticed a definite improvement in digestion within the first few days and it really helped with reducing bloating and having healthy and regular bowel movements. An added bonus is it stopped me snacking in between meals and kept my appetite at bay!
      Claire, 28

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Serving Suggestions

Adding one serve of Supergut™ Everyday Fibre to your favourite meal or snack can provide up to 100% of your daily soluble fibre needs*.

Breakfast suggestions:

(for a daily dose) – recommended 1 TBSP

A quick and easy way to add to your routine of the day is adding Supergut™ Everyday Fibre to your morning ritual.

  • Sprinkle over cereal or soak overnight in Bircher muesli
  • Blend in your breakfast smoothie

Snack attack:

(for a small portion) – recommended 2 TBSP

A snack is a good introduction for you and your family to introduce and increase your fibre needs over time. Although small, this bite size portion still packs a variety fibre punch!

  • Add to biscuits or bliss bites (makes 20 portions to give you a 1g soluble fibre hit per snack)
  • Bake it in banana bread (1 slice will give you 2g of soluble fibre – based on 10 slices)

Dinner ideas:

(for a daily dose) – recommended 1 TBSP per adult and ½ TBSP per child

An easy alternative for the whole family is adding Supergut™ Everyday Fibre to your family meals. Measure the dose as recommended on the back of the pack to include enough fibre for each family member. The neutral nature of Supergut™ Everyday Fibre will not overtake the taste of your everyday meals.

  • Add Supergut™ Everyday Fibre after making your pasta sauce or taco mix – meat or vegetarian (3 TBSP of Supergut™ Everyday Fibre provides enough fibre for a family of 4)
  • Include Supergut™ Everyday Fibre in a lasagna or pasta bake (dependent on your serving size – add 1 TBSP per adult or ½ TBSP per child)


Important information:
Supergut™ Everyday Fibre is not a meal replacement. We recommend you consume Supergut™ Everyday Fibre with a healthy balanced diet. It is also important to increase water consumption during the day whilst taking Supergut™ Everyday Fibre to avoid intestinal dehydration or constipation.

Dosage instructions are recommended only*. Please follow the instructions on the back of the pack or take as directed by your healthcare provider. Please consult your doctor before taking this product if you are pregnant, lactating, or for children under 5 years of age.

*Always increase your fibre intake gradually and drink plenty of water.

This product is safe for diabetics and vegetarians. Do not consume if you have food sensitivities to the ingredients listed on the back of the pack.


(2) Ternhag A, Törner A, Svensson Å, Ekdahl K, Giesecke J. Short- and Long-term Effects of Bacterial Gastrointestinal Infections. Emerg Infect Dis. 2008;14(1):143-148.
* Recommended daily intake of dietary fibre for Australian adults is 30g. Supergut™ Everyday Fibre contains 10g per serving required for the soluble fibre content recommended per day (approx 1 TBSP).